About Real Coffee

CEO, Ange Amer


Who is Real Coffee Dubai?

We are an international brand specializing in environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, long-shelf-life coffee ground which is packed in Nespresso® compatible capsules. We offer every coffee lover a selection of Organic, Fair Trade, and environmentally-friendly coffee to choose from. 


Our coffee is manufactured under the highest European standards of production, health, and safety. Our products are covered by all forms of Organic, environmental, and health certifications. Additionally, each capsule has a shelf life of 12 months from the manufacturer.


Our partnership with Fairtrade allows producers in developing countries to achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships. The Fairtrade Foundation works to improve salaries and working conditions for farmers and workers in developing countries.

Guaranteed Freshness

Each capsule contains five grams of fresh coffee, which is ground directly into the capsule before being instantly sealed, in one production process. As the capsules have an airtight seal, they do not require additional plastic wrapping. This ensures a more compact product that is well-suited for online retailers and delivery in small packages.

Premium Coffee Ground

At Real Coffee, we love elegant simplicity. Therefore, we have developed our own range of premium coffee ground, fairly priced. With each cup of Real Coffee, comes an experience of elegance & simplicity. We also chose to present our markets with a better choice in every way possible. Better taste, better value, fairly traded, and Environmentally-friendly products.